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The Gallery

Located in the North Marais, Paris, Armel Soyer Editions Design gallery is devoted to the 21st century decorative arts. She proposes a contemporary and global approach, enforcing savoir-faire sometimes forgotten. Therefore a generation of craftsmen and artists have joined an ambitious challenge and creative adventure; recognized or emerging talents are united in a common search for inspiration, quality, rarity and excellence. Armel Soyer offers to reharmonize contemporary design with the arts and crafts, reinjecting ornamentation, the richness of natural materials and adding poetry to contemporary design. The gallery recreates a dialogue between the art object and its environment, like a twenty-first century period room. Armel Soyer Editions accompanies collectors and artists on specific commissioned projects.

Opening hours

Due to covid 19, gallery is closed until May, 3rd 2021. 

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Perrine Rousseau Myia
Agnès Sébyleau Comète
Joe Hogan jh20044
Agnès Sébyleau Mersenna
Christian Astuguevieille TACSOR 75
Pompon 4
Olga Engel Pompon 4
Colonne 4 parties
Christian Caulas Colonne 4 parties
Liquid Wood Block II
Maria Koshenkova Liquid Wood Block II