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Charles Belle




Charles Belle

Charles Belle is a French painter born in 1956. The very essence of his work is drawing. From the beginning, he has chosen as subject to his work landscape, people, all of what makes the ordinary of his environment. As if he was trying to slow down the gaze, to capture depth, the mystery of things. Whatever the subjects, his paintings are loaded with the strength contained within each flower, each leaf, each being. The very reason of his painting lies in Abstraction. The color is irradiating, the size often monumental. A perpetual movement inhabits his work. Nothing is ever final or stopped. All paintings in his studio seem to be waiting. He puts them away, forgets them, takes them back, he covers them up. As if these paintings were a base, a ground, a humus to create something else. Discovering Charles Belle's paintings causes a physical trouble. In the solitude of his studio, Charles Belle embraces the world. He is in the language of gesture and of the body. He succumbs to the inner chaos that inhabits him. It is from this dangerous experience that his painting springs. By watching him work, one can feel the impulse and pleasure of creating.

Since 1978, more than 80 personal exhibitions were dedicated to his work. He also participated in 110 collective exhibitions. His work is very present on the international scene, in particular in Greece, in Lebanon, in South Korea, in Switzerland, in France and in the United States.

His works were acquired by several public collections, as the FNAC, the Museum of Fine arts of Grenoble, the Museum of Fine arts of Besançon, the Museum of Fine arts of Chartres, the contemporary art foundation of the City of Paris, and FRAC Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardennes, and Franche-Comté.


Since 1982 he is present in contemporary art fairs such as FIAC, Art Paris and ART Miami. Several monographies were dedicated to him as well as collective ones.

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Ces moments égarés
Charles Belle Ces moments égarés
A la conjonction des méandres exaltés
Charles Belle A la conjonction des méandres exaltés
D'altiture... Le cèdre
Charles Belle D'altiture... Le cèdre
Prompte à l'oubli
Charles Belle Prompte à l'oubli
Portrait d'un pastel de Barbizon
Charles Belle Portrait d'un pastel de Barbizon

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