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Birch Bark

Through her long walks in forests, Sophie Gallardo, the creator of Birchbark, finds her inspiration in the bark of birch. A sacred tree for the Amerindians, symbol of wisdom, a national emblem for Norway and also Russia, where it is even the subject of a great feast in June, the birch radiates by its singular whiteness of magnetic seduction. It stirs up the imagination through its changing aesthetics. Its soft and fine barks are small fragments of natural landscapes. Imputrescible and waterproof, they remain intact long after the birches have disappeared, and are wonderful witnesses. Sophie Gallardo valorizes them by inventing an atypical process and develops a unique know-how in the world: the marquetry based on birch barks, dotted with inlays of minerals. Her vision of the interior led Sophie to pursue her research in a field she was passionate about: the harmony between man, his habitat and our Mother Nature. Natural marquetry of birch bark is the meticulous assembly of a multitude of pieces of bark, with their typical scars that allow a natural graphic expression. The assembly of these "silver skins" which reveal the evolutions, wounds and originalities of each tree, creates an incredible graphic ensemble at once raw and sophisticated. Born of this inspiration of very beautiful furniture borrowed from imagination and emotion. Each piece produced is unique and delivered with its certificate of authenticity. "The greatest artist is by far the Nature that always creates and is renewed every day."

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Birch Bark

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Birch Bark Vitrine
Consoles and Shelves Furniture
Cigars Case "Selva"
Birch Bark Cigars Case "Selva"
Grand Cabinet
Birch Bark Grand Cabinet
Consoles and Shelves Furniture

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