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05 June > 05 June 2023

May 11 - July 13, 2012

An on-going reflection on the fold and the distortion of hard objects; the Froissé mirror, an Igloo seat and the Magyar rug are all a logical suite of sculptural objects in answer to his original work on the fold and two dimensional scuplture.

In a "Period Room*" style, SANS 90° unites and confronts three classical components of interior design: a mirror, a seat and a rug.

* {Definition: a space assembling  a groupe of elements destined to reconstitute a typical decor from the history of style}

 Mathias Kiss does not stick to a straight line. He overlaps, enjoys and spilss over on purpose: the mural motif of his Banquise installation runs into the parquet flooring. He smashes and fragments a mirror returning razor-sharp reflections of our contemporary interiors.

His Magyar rug, a silken angular interpretation of classical "Point de Hongrie" parquet flooring meets up with the Igloo seat which deploys nine angles like a complexe dihedral or a piece ofbroken ice floe. They are all at an angle, not one is straight.


Mathias Kiss creations are deformed fragmented projections of an ornemental referenced reality on which he poses a sharp and iconoclastic eye. {Someone who disrupts an image} He belongs to a new generation of scenographic artists-decoractors who play with tradition they have perfectly deciphered and enjoys being given "carte blanche"  on projects.




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Igloo seat
Mathias Kiss Igloo seat
Tapis Magyar tilleul
Mathias Kiss Tapis Magyar tilleul
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