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18 April > 18 April 2021

MARCH 20 - JULY 26 2019

Russian designer Olga Engel combines luxury, minimalism and functionalism through good-humoured pieces imbued with a sense of irony. Olga Engel always shares a personal story in her creations, each object, as well as the space itself, is permeated with unique charisma and charm. She pays particular attention to proportion and harmony. As the designer says: “Beauty and harmony are treated on an equal footing. An object can only be beautiful if it is animated by a powerful idea or an emotion”.

Each of Olga Engel’s creations harness a moment of magical elegance suspended in time, a sensory experience. A curious, naive and primitive strength animates her pieces. Olga Engel focuses in particular on textures. Through materials she creates an ambiguous sensitive and emotional strength. The mightiness of wrought iron combined with the gentleness of china spawns elegant pieces. Through very fine Bisquit porcelain work, the designer strives to restore modernity to a wrongly abandoned material with its own fragile, tactile and delicate expressive charm. 

Olga was attracted to design from an early age. Before secondary school she produced her first piece out of fabric and foam. She proved her worth as a textile designer while continuing to produce her own furniture. At secondary school, she designed a bag promoted by a local fashion house. Olga Engel graduated from the Moscow State Textile University, one of the best design schools in Russia. After graduating in interior design from the design school ‘’Details’’ in Moscow, she decided to pursue her studies at KLC School of Design in London. She obtained crucial experience during her time spent in the studio of the renowned designer Mark Humphrey, enabling her to develop her own personal style and designs.


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Olga Engel Muguet
Who are you II
Olga Engel Who are you II
Olga Engel ZEPHYR
Olga Engel Muguet
ZEPHYR mirror
Olga Engel ZEPHYR mirror
Who are you I
Olga Engel Who are you I
Olga Engel YETI
"Palais Royal", Arc of memories
Olga Engel "Palais Royal", Arc of memories
Olga Engel Curieux
Muguet Footlamp
Olga Engel Muguet Footlamp
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