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Lauching at Mobilier National


Lauching at Mobilier National


Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman are two designers with a shared vision that transcends the various disciplines of design, from fashion to furniture to architecture to gardening.

They proposed to the Mobilier National this inventive and refined table made of corseted silicone threads. For this model, specially created by the Atelier de Recherche et de Création du Mobilier national, the designer duo wanted a polished and gold-tinted base and top as well as black lacing. To achieve this result, the threads were laced two by two in each hole, starting from the center to the ends of the tray. An important work on the materials was done to accentuate the elegance of the furniture. The fastening system was designed to allow a complete polishing of the structure. Similarly, the aspect of the base was worked to privilege a round and fine form. The "rain" of wires is then reflected in the frame of the table, which gives it this suspended aspect. The top is covered with a glass plate for functionality.