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Julian Mayor

Julian Mayor is a British artist and designer known for his sculptural works in welded sheet metal. Using high-tech design processes, the artist creates each piece digitally on a computer before building them by hand in his workshop. Born in 1976, Mayor graduated with a BA in Industrial Design from the University of Northumbria in 1998, followed by earning his MA from the Royal College of Art in Design Products. After graduating in 2000, he moved to Northern California and worked for a design consultancy agency as a product and interior designer. By 2004, Mayor returned to London to work for U.K.-based agencies, including Pentagram, and collaborated with British designer Tom Dixon. The artist’s work has been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum London, the Museum of Arts and Design New York and Sculpture at Goodwood, East Sussex UK. He has installed a permanent series of sculptural benches in a park behind the Tate Britain in Pimlico, London. He is exhibited on re-known international art fairs (Tefaf, Design Miami, PAD...). Mayor lives and works in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

2019 - Collaboration with Artnet and Dobel tequila shown at Art Basel Miami Beach
2019 - Solo Exhibition at ‘The New’ gallery, West Hollywood,  LA
2019 -  ‘Form.Print’ group show Towson University USA
2019 - ‘Matter of Stuff’ Kings Cross, London
2018 - ‘Master Room’ Astrid Maillet-Contoz, Geneve
2018 - TEFAF Maastricht with Galerie Flore
2018 - ‘Keep Calm and Summer On’  Mazel Galerie Singapore
2018 - Gallery Elle, Zurich
2018 - Collectible NYC with twentyfirst gallery NY
2017 - Flore de Brantes, Brussels presents Julian Mayor and Richard Hoglund
2017 - ‘Holiday House’ St Johns Wood, London
2017 - PAD Paris with Armel Soyer
2016 - ‘Raw Nature’ with Casa Vogue, Dilmos Gallery, Milan
2015 - Design Miami Basel with Armel Soyer, Switzerland (gold glenda and creature sculpture)
2014 - Pushkin Museum, Moscow (general dynamic and impression chairs)
2014 - ‘Parallax’, Design Miami Basel with Armel Soyer, Switzerland
2014 - ‘Parallax’ solo exhibition at Armel Soyer, Paris
2014 - Gathering (general dynamic chair) Design Museum, Holon
2013 - ‘Out of Hand’ (Clone chair) Museum of Art and Design, New York
2013 - Interart, Holland (solo exhibition)
2013 - Rossana Orlandi at Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan (clone chair)
2012 - ‘White’ Westend gallery, Munich (general dynamic chair)
2011 - Lik+Neon, London
2010 - ‘Ospiti Inaspettati’ Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan (clone chair)
2010 - ‘Now:Art of the 21st Century’ Phillips de Pury & Company, NY
2009 - ‘Telling Tales’ V&A, London (clone chair)
2008 - twentytwentyfirst, chelsea, NY (solo exhibition)
2008 - FAT Galerie, Paris
2007- Modernground, London
2007 - Rossana Orlandi, Milan
2006 - ‘Displacement’ installation, ICFF, NY
2005 - ‘clone’ group show, Nog Gallery, London
2004 - ‘Moon over Water’ installation, TDW, Tokyo
2004 - ‘Moon over Water’ installation, Taverna Especial gallery, London
2003 - ‘migration’ video Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
2001 - ‘Personal Skies’ installation with Naoto Fukasawa, MOMA, NY
2000 - ‘like rain’ installation, RCA gallery, London

image oeuvre


All works

Genius Loci
Julian Mayor Genius Loci
Furniture Tables Low Table Silver Metal Inoxydable
Julian Mayor Lamp
LIGHTS Lamps 4400 Grey Silver White Inoxydable
Jagged Edge Stool
Julian Mayor Jagged Edge Stool
Furniture Seating Stool Tables Side Table 3800 Silver Metal Steel
Julian Mayor Kidney
Furniture Tables Low Table Grey Silver White Inoxydable
Julian Mayor LUNAR Table
Tables Furniture Low Table Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Julian Mayor JAGGED EDGE bar
Furniture Tables Cabinets Consoles and Shelves Grey Silver White Inoxydable Metal
Julian Mayor Transmission
Penta table
Julian Mayor Penta table
Tables Furniture Dinner Table Grey Silver Transparent Inoxydable Metal Glass
Kaleidoscope Chair
Julian Mayor Kaleidoscope Chair
Furniture Chair Seating 10000 Grey Silver Metal Steel
Hex dining chairs
Julian Mayor Hex dining chairs
Seating Furniture Chair 3450 Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Julian Mayor Powerlines
Seating Furniture Bench Grey Inoxydable Metal
Black Side table
Julian Mayor Black Side table
Tables Furniture Side Table 6600 Black Inoxydable Metal
SPIRAL Column (5 shelves)
Julian Mayor SPIRAL Column (5 shelves)
Furniture Consoles and Shelves 10000 Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Black Heavy water
Julian Mayor Black Heavy water
Furniture Tables Pedestal Black Inoxydable Metal
Black rough split console
Julian Mayor Black rough split console
Tables Furniture Consoles and Shelves Black Inoxydable Metal
Copper table lamp
Julian Mayor Copper table lamp
LIGHTS Lamps 3000 Orange Metal Copper
Julian Mayor PARALLAX Seat
Seating Furniture Chair 4200 Grey Inoxydable
FERNANDO Copper chair
Julian Mayor FERNANDO Copper chair
Seating Furniture Armchair 9000 Orange Copper Metal
Screenkiss chair
Julian Mayor Screenkiss chair
Seating Furniture Chair 5800 Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Side Table
Julian Mayor Side Table
Tables Furniture Side Table 4800 Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Julian Mayor Creature
SCULPTURES AND OBJECTS Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Rough Split Shelf
Julian Mayor Rough Split Shelf
Tables Consoles and Shelves Furniture Furniture Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Glenda Gold
Julian Mayor Glenda Gold
Seating Furniture Armchair Yellow Gold Inoxydable Metal
Julian Mayor PARALLAX Table
Tables Furniture Dinner Table Grey White Inoxydable Marble
Seigfreid chair
Julian Mayor Seigfreid chair
Seating Furniture Chair 8500 Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Organic loop chair
Julian Mayor Organic loop chair
Seating Furniture Armchair 7800 White Metal
Screenkiss table
Julian Mayor Screenkiss table
Tables Furniture Dinner Table Grey Transparent Inoxydable Glass
General dynamic chair
Julian Mayor General dynamic chair
Seating Furniture Armchair 3600 White Fiberglass
Folded wire Chair
Julian Mayor Folded wire Chair
Seating Furniture Armchair 7800 White Metal Steel
Julian Mayor STRATA Chair
Seating Furniture Armchair 7200 Black White Fiberglass Carbon
Julian Mayor PARALLAX Table
Tables Furniture Dinner Table Black Grey Silver Inoxydable Carbon
Julian Mayor GLENDA Chair
Seating Furniture Armchair MODELE ÉPUISÉ Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
Side table
Julian Mayor Side table
Tables Furniture Side Table 5700 Grey Silver Inoxydable Metal
AURELIA mirror shelf
Julian Mayor AURELIA mirror shelf
Consoles and Shelves Furniture Grey Inoxydable
CONTOUR garden chair
Julian Mayor CONTOUR garden chair
Seating Furniture Black Steel
Julian Mayor FERNANDO Bench
Seating Furniture Grey Inoxydable
Seating Furniture Armchair 5280 Black White Fiberglass
Mirror Panel
Julian Mayor Mirror Panel
Burnout bench
Julian Mayor Burnout bench
Seating Furniture Grey Steel

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