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Design Miami / Basel 2012

30 May > 30 May 2023

The designer, Pierre Gonalons, chose space and light for this creation. He proposes a decorative universe that re-confers the notion of nobility to the decorative arts. PAVILLONS signs a very personal choice far removed from the smooth aestheticism of international style or extravagant references to the supernatural or dream world. He belongs to a tradition of designers whose creativity is nourished by culture and invites us to share in a scenario that is both refined and contemporary. With artistic precision he defines two micro-architectural structures animated by cruves and counter-curves. A delicate golden light accentuates the structure and lightness of the piece.Covered by a dome, these interiors add rythm to a space dedicated to intimacy, exchange, service and functionality.

All works

Pavillons Surtout de table
Pierre Gonalons Pavillons Surtout de table
Pavillons Table
Pierre Gonalons Pavillons Table
Pavillons Library
Pierre Gonalons Pavillons Library
Pavillons Chandelier
Pierre Gonalons Pavillons Chandelier
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