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Look Mum, no Hands

05 June > 05 June 2023

April 24 - July 12 2013

Revealed through major international galleries in group exhibitions in Lagos, London, Milan and Miami, his work is presented for the first time as a solo show in Paris by the Armel Soyer gallery.
Ifeanyi OGANWU considers design intertwined with architecture. He creates structurally intelligent and sustainable forms that engage users whilst generating space and experience. His futuristic aesthetic supports a dialogue between function, ergono- mics and surface performance. Attentive to materials, he investigates and reassesses age-old handicraft processes to which he combines the latest in advanced digital manufacturing. 

All works

REN Table
Ifeanyi Oganwu REN Table
Contoured Crater side table
Ifeanyi Oganwu Contoured Crater side table
Milky Splice
Ifeanyi Oganwu Milky Splice
Contoured Crater desk
Ifeanyi Oganwu Contoured Crater desk
Ifeanyi Oganwu Splice
Full Circle bench
Ifeanyi Oganwu Full Circle bench
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