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30 May > 30 May 2023

Armel Soyer Gallery is delighted to present 

The exhibition Palais by Pierre Gonalons 

From 6th February to 30th April 2015

« The diversity and structural richness of marble has fascinated me for a long time. Having loved it so much in classical architecture, I dreamed about it being reincarnated. With Palais, Pierre Gonalons has more than met this expectation, he enables us to rediscover the beauty of French polychrome marble and he reacquaints with what is utterly universal in classicism: the harmony of forms. »

Armel Soyer

5 new pieces have been designed by Pierre Gonalons for the occasion:

a low table, a console table, a pedestal table, a fireplace and a bowl.

All produced from Saint-Pons de Thomière quarry marble by Marbres de France.


All works

PALAIS Pedestal
Pierre Gonalons PALAIS Pedestal
Console PALAIS
Pierre Gonalons Console PALAIS
PALAIS Fireplace
Pierre Gonalons PALAIS Fireplace
PALAIS Centerpiece
Pierre Gonalons PALAIS Centerpiece
PALAIS Low table
Pierre Gonalons PALAIS Low table
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