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Énergies sensibles

05 November > 05 January 2021

The exhibition offers a cross-reading of Alix Waline paper works' and the welded metal pieces of Julian Mayor. The confrontation of these two creators, however formally opposed, reveals the power that creation has to evoke movement, to give life to matter. Thus the aesthetic of Alix Waline, in which fluid and moving forms intertwine with each other to create abstract landscapes, echoes the shimmering reflections of the sculptural and angular furniture of Julian Mayor. Both focus on the sensitive: while the welds in Julian’s pieces are an invitation to feel the material, Alix’s work suggests the tactile sense to create a visual object. Julian Mayor's new pieces are directly inspired by Czech Cubism, an artistic movement that took place mainly in Prague between 1911 and 1914.
For the artists who contributed to this movement, everyday objects carried their own inner energy which could only be released by splitting the horizontal and vertical surfaces that restrain design and “ignore the needs of the human soul.”
Thus the pieces produced present angular shapes with sharp vertical lines, creating a certain dynamic, reflecting the idea of movement, thanks to the alternation of acute and obtuse angles and pyramidal shapes. Trained in Fine Arts and art history, Alix Waline composes black and white on large murals using Posca markers. Her work, she says, "is not that of color but of light". By her pointillist aesthetic, she gives body to movement, which is shown in the compositions presented here. They were created from March to May 2020, during the confinement in France. As Alix was not able to draw on the walls, she invested in large sheets of paper to draw her abstract landscapes - escape grounds during a period in which oneirism became necessary.

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All works

Roche #1
Alix Waline Roche #1
Concretion #6
Alix Waline Concretion #6
Roche #6
Alix Waline Roche #6
Roche #2
Alix Waline Roche #2
Concretion #2
Alix Waline Concretion #2
Roche #10
Alix Waline Roche #10
Fragments #01
Alix Waline Fragments #01
Roche #7
Alix Waline Roche #7
Julian Mayor Lamp
Julian Mayor Kidney
Julian Mayor JAGGED EDGE bar
Julian Mayor PARALLAX Table
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