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Ifeanyi Oganwu

Agent double

  • Composite material desk
  • L.296.00 x H.83.00 x P.178.00 cm
    L.115.44 x H.32.37 x P.69.42 inch
  • An extraordinary iteration of a traditional office chair and desk, Double Agent Suite is designed to streamline the workflow of a 21st century executive. Expansive yet intimate, the desk is marked by winged work surfaces blended by a range of layers and contours connected by a raised storage hub that create centrally positioned cavities. While the chair is marked by the homogeneity of disparate parts fused into a fluid volume frozen from a dynamic system.

     Double Agent Suite is made in the UK in conjunction with automotive specialists. The chair and desk are formed of lightweight composites and finished in a high gloss metallic black.

  • Limited edition 6 ex.

Price on request.


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Ifeanyi Oganwu


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Agent double
Ifeanyi Oganwu