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Silver Bargouzine Sable Plaid

  • Silver Bargouzine Sable
  • L.230.00 x H.260.00 cm
    L.89.70 x H.101.40 inch
  • Of all the furs, only a few are considered a real must-have. They stand out for their beauty and exceptional quality.

    That which one could call "THE" Fur, is undoubtedly the sable of bargouzine. To own a sable is to own the most incredible of furs. Historically, the sable was worn by the Tsars as well as by high officials of the Imperial Court of Russia. The sable was to Russia, what the ermine was to the Court of the Kings of France. Hunted for centuries, it reached an incredible boom in the 16th century.

    Only the Russian sable is referenced. It is indeed the only sable to be auctioned and to have a specific label. Among the most beautiful sable we find the "Bargousinsky", bargouzine (brown dark to very brown, the most remarkable), their name comes from the eponymous river near Lake Baikal.

    Among these marvels there is one, even more exceptional, the silver bargouzine sable. The Siberian sable (martes zibellina) is the most prized - it is also the most famous - and the most exceptional because of its rarity. It is because of its natural habitat in Siberia that the sable has developed a very thick and silky fur to withstand the very cold temperatures present in these regions, which makes it particularly dense, silky and shiny.

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Silver Bargouzine Sable Plaid