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Mathias Kiss

Mirror Oren

  • Miroirs, socle bois laqué
  • L.60.00 x H.90.00 x P.22.00 cm
    L.23.40 x H.35.10 x P.8.58 inch
  • In the 16th century mirrors played a decorative role, in the 18th century they were used above fireplaces to embellish and integrate the architecture. Mathias Kiss grasped this material to deliver particularly striking contemporary interpretation.
    With Miroir Froissé, the facetted relief materializes from the wall in the same way as a sculpted work of art.
    Like a crumpled piece of paper the shape firmly interprets a rejection of the absurdity of the anonymity of the object, the magus of reflected light and fragmented image, and the beauty of a hand-sculpted bas-relief.
    Oren miroir froissé is part of a serie entitled Sans 90°, in which art works have no right angles... and resulting from the artist reflexion on the absence of right angles.

    Part of this series is also Fox and JC mirror, #2 mirror, Magyar rug and Igloo couch.

  • Limited edition 8 ex. + 2P + 2EA .

Price on request.


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Mathias Kiss


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