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Ifeanyi Oganwu

Inverted Bulgy

  • Stainless Steel
  • L.158.00 x H.40.00 x P.88.00 cm
    L.61.62 x H.15.60 x P.34.65 inch
  • Inverted Bugly explores adaptability and reverses the design principles of the wall mounted version. The relationship between the draped curved surface and the striated planar sheets drive the overall form of the freestanding construct. While designing the work Ifeanyi Oganwu recalled the paradoxical condition through which architecture blends into its context by standing out. Also he took inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House in Pennsylvania.

  • Limited edition 4 ex. + 1P + 1EA .

Price on request.


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Ifeanyi Oganwu


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Inverted Bulgy
Ifeanyi Oganwu