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The transport and delivery of the Works to the Client will be the subject of a separate quotation after the Works have been ordered.


Once the order has been validated by the Client, the Seller will contact the Client to submit to the latter a quotation for the delivery and transport of the Works purchased.


The quotation for transport and delivery will be sent to the Client within a maximum of seven (7) days from validation of the order.


The Client is free to accept or refuse the quotation proposed by the Seller. In the event that the Client refuses the quote proposed by the Seller, it shall be up to the Client to organise the removal, transport and delivery of the Works from the place of storage of the Works indicated by the Seller to the place of destination and address of its choice.


As the Works sold on the Website are unique and fragile products, they are subject to specific delivery and transport conditions requiring the use of special packaging and transport methods, which may only be entrusted to professionals in the sector concerned.


It is recalled that in the case of a delivery abroad, the applicable local tax rules may require the declaration and payment of specific taxes, such as customs duties. The Client shall be responsible for the declarations and payments of applicable taxes and customs duties.